It's my little site!

I've been a bit tired of the overly fast-paced world of social media recently. I waste so much time scrolling, why not try to devote that scroll energy to something more useful, like perhaps attempting to build a personal site of sorts?

I'm not fully sure of what I plan on putting here just yet, but perhaps I'll do bloggy style content or something along those lines? Not too sure.

For now, though, I'm just gonna see what I can make!

You can find my website created specifically for singing work HERE.

You can read my ramblings on why I love Kanae Hokari as well. I'll be updating this specific page later with commissions I've gotten of Kanae via Skeb and such.

I know the site looks a little rough around the edges or basic for now, but don't worry! Once I learn more about html and the like, I'll be polishing this site up more to look pretty.